Sunday, June 19, 2011

1 year! 2 year! 3 year! Three years of blogging! Ah Ah Ah!

Yeah that's right. Danny's Corner turns three today. Damn time flies. I still haven't gotten this blog to the point where I want it (namely in the way of traffic) but I'm getting there (being a regular at Ethecofem has helped).

I want to hit you with a run down of things I've done over the last 12 months as a refresh.

June 2010: Being mindful of the way we use words.

July 2010: When "manning up" can get you in trouble.

August 2010: Still face-palming over feminists that don't get it.

September 2010: So about that "push men out of children's lives while simultaneously complaining that the need to step up" strategy...

October 2010: If you were raised in an home where boys were punished more harshly for hitting girls than vice versa, then you apparently made that shit up.

November 2010: "Dance like no one is watching." Best piece of advice I got last year.

December 2010: I guess its still all men's fault.

January 2011: I haven't checked it in a while but it seems to be what I thought it was. A place where only certain people are every wrong and some people are never wrong.

February 2011: But would it be that big a deal if Hakan were gay?

March 2011: People will fight tooth and nail to deny female privilege. Sounds familiar...

April 2011: Where I work on my Browncoat street cred. (Side Note: If you want to buy Browncoats: Redemption do it fast. The copy I got in the mail the other day had a note in it saying that they were only going to sale copies until Sept. 1 of this year, after that it may never be available for sale again. So if you're thinking about it you've about 3 months to do it.)

May 2011: We must be careful to avoid thinking that Osama Bin Laden was terrorism. He was a terrorist be he himself was not the face of terrorism.

June 2011: I really like the idea of men having more birth control options.

So what do you think? Were there things you wish I had talked about? Were there things you wished I hadn't talked about? Don't be scared to speak up. I know I'm here to tell my story but I'm also here to communicate with people. Now on to year four.

Just to give you some things to poke through here are links to my first and second anniversary posts.

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Jim said...

That hysterical and narcissistic and biogted comment form CrysT at renee's was when I gave up on renee. CrysT's transparent dishonesty was so overwhelming - characterizing your and my accoutns of our lived experience as erasing "thousands and thoudands and thousands of woemn's" lived expereince ....I just wrote them all off.