Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You and I, at the Electric Chapel on the Edge of Glory

Okay so I've decided to give Lady Gaga another chance (truth be told other than "Summerboy" I really don't like much of her music, coincidentally I also don't listen to much Madonna these days either....) and I picked up her latest album "Born This Way" when it was up for $1 at Amazon's digital download site last week. Allow me to share a few tracks.

You and I

Electric Chapel

Edge of Glory

All in all its so so. I'll listen to it here and there but it won't exactly dominate my Winamp playtime.



Bema said...

What did you think of Bloody Mary, it's turning out to be my favorite.

<blockquote>Love is just a history that may be proven when you're gone, I'll them my religion's you.</blockquote>

I just love the way she sings that.

Bema said...

Why doesn't the blockquote tag work? Those bastards.

Danny said...

Her singing is okay Bema but its overall style and appearance. She seems to be the product of a record studio deciding they need a new Madonna. That just turns me off.

Danny said...

Yeah no blockquotes. However you can use italics (which is what most people around here use). I've been thinking about switching to Disqus lately. I think they allow for blockquote.

Danny said...

I'm still listening to it to get a feel for it. Truthfully when I did this one I had only listened to the album once or twice. I mainly did it for the song titles.