Thursday, May 5, 2011

Woman tries to circumcise son, out on $5,000 bail

(Some pretty graphic stuff here. Tread carefully.)

The opening paragraph is enough to make me want to see Keemonta Peterson of Portland, OR go away for as long as possible.
A woman accused of attempting to circumcise her baby at home using a box cutter and a pair of pliers faces assault and criminal mistreatment charges.
Since this is a woman committing an act of violence we are treated with the obligatory "what made her do it". The Bible and watching videos on how to do it on YouTube.

To make it more disgusting Peterson's attorney actually argued that her bail should e reduced because she "has strong family support and had been attending mental-health counseling three times a week before she was booked in jail". On the real? Strong support from family (I wonder how strong her son's support was) and she's been in mental health counseling since the crime was committed. And the really disgusting part is, it worked.

Judged David Rees lowered her bail from $550,000 to $5,000 and once the 10% ($500) was paid she has supervised visitation with her four children.

So in short a baby boy suffered two hours of uncontrolled bleeding and who knows how much pain (and since he's only 3 months old, who knows what kind of permanent damage although so far it looks like none) because his mother got the idea to circumcise him from the Bible and got instruction on it from YouTube and is now out on $5,000 bail awaiting trial.

Ok this really makes me angry. I am personally against child circumcision unless there is medical necessity. However given that he is only three months old couldn't she have gone and had the procedure done at a clinic? I'm against it but if she's gonna have it done she could at least have the goddamn courage to go out and get it done properly. Hell circumcision can be covered on medical insurance depending on your plan. This is just terrible. But despite that I'm sure this little local news site in Oregon will be about as far as it goes (yes I'm saying it, if this had been a 3 month old girl there wouldn't be enough room on CNN's website and tv crawl to cover it).

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Bema said...

I'm all against circumcision, and the double standard we hold for it with boys and girls. If it's a girl then the procedure is rightly called genital mutilation, but if it's a boy, it's totally okay because it's just circumcision.

They probably don't think it's a big deal since "circumcision" is desirable to Americans.

Danny said...

Precisely Bema.