Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 53


State GOP leaders escalate push to restrict voting access: I realize that having election polls open costs money but I don't like the idea of limiting the ability to vote in the name of cutting costs.

Rumor: New Nook Is a Stripped-Down E-Ink Touchscreen Reader Okay I know this would happen but really 6 months. I just got my Nook 6 months ago and a simpler version comes along.

Q. Dating a Deadbeat Dad: Funny how a woman pushes a man out his child's life but he's the deadbeat. Yeah...

A Curious Similarity: Okay I understand that seating arrangements on a plane are not the best but trying to compare them to the "seating" on slave ships? Fail.

Warehouse Comic

Hey, Freshmen...Have You Taken Your Mandatory Male-Bashing Class?: What better way to combat violence against women on college campuses than to start off assuming that all freshmen guys coming in are looking to attack women and require them to attend a workshop titled, "She Fears You." What was that cat's name again? Shrodenger or something like that?

Which Direction Should I Wipe?: Because I have to add some WTF whenever I can.

Challenge: Advertised vs. actual waistline: And this is why I hate shopping for clothes. But at least I don't buy women's clothes.

Smartphones Make People Ignore Commercials Way More Than DVRs: Which probably means that networks will pull a RIAA and MPAA and start lobbying to Congress for some sort of control over smart phones.

Online personal shopper delivers handpicked clothes for shop-averse men: Okay I don't like shopping for clothes (especially shoes) but its really not that serious.

US Senate Committee Passes PROTECT IP Act: Notice how its "accused" not "convicted".

Greensboro man knocks head off Confederate memorial in Reidsville: My money says that this accident will be used as a convenient excuse to repair that statue. Using an accident to to do what town officials have been too scared to do...

Anonymous and the Arab uprisings: The rise of the cyberactivist.

The Herbaliser - Stranded on Earth (Feat. Jessica Darling) Is it me or does this sound like a cross between a Western and Samurai flick? (Samurai Shamploo, Kill Bill, etc....something like that.)

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