Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 52

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Male victims of sex trafficking: Toy Soldier does a pretty good job on wondering why The Good Men Project post on sexual slavery managed to talk almost exclusively about female victims of it.

There's A New Kind Of Oreo, And It's Coming For Your Face: Well now. We are now naming snacks after basketball game stats....

An end of magic: Are all the technological wonders humanity has been cooking up over the centuries taking us on a path where nothing will seem like magic anymore?

City of Dallas steals $2,000 from child: Thankfully the city of Dallas got their minds right but if this kid had not been able to keep the money like the provision said everyone would suddenly be shocked when she grew up not trusting authority figures.

From Fashonista.

Highway 264 Remains Closed Due To Wildfire: Yeah that whole taking HWY 264 to get to the beach thing? That's not happening right now. Came across a few tourists last night trying to do just that and ending up saving them a bit of trouble (for some reason the department of transportation is not exactly putting up signs in the right places for the detour).

RIAA Calls 4th Amendment Passe: Pushes For Warrantless Searches: "The RIAA has been pushing the state of California to pass a new law that would allow completely warrantless searches for law enforcement, allowing them to enter and search any CD or DVD manufacturing plant without either notice or a court order." This is a major problem. Basically the recording industry has decided that their profit margin trumps the 4th amendment.

Stepmom Of Slain Disabled Girl Faces Drug Charges: "The U.S. Attorney's Office said 43-year-old Elisa Baker was indicted Wednesday in Charlotte. The indictment alleges Baker distributed and planned to distribute drugs including oxycodone and hydrocodone between 2006 and last October. She also is accused of conspiring with others to distribute the drugs. In all, Baker faces seven counts. Combined, a punishment for all the charges could bring a prison sentence of up to 140 years."

How To Change, Customize & Create Android Boot Animation: Want some tips on customizing your Android phone?

Topping 'Buffy'? It Kept Gellar Away From TV ... Until Now: Sarah Michelle Gellar possibly returning to TV?

RIP Macho Man

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