Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 50

Its the end of the week you know how I roll. Share 'em if you got 'em.

I don't need to criticize feminism, I just quote it: Feminist says false allegations don't matter. Cries foul and closes thread when called on it by "overtly pro-rape site".

Gender Expression And Gender Identity Are Two Separate Concepts: "Gender identity and gender expression are terms for two fully separate concepts. From a legal perspective for transsexual people, as well as for transgender people who don't identify as transsexual people, these are very related terms. And, these terms really can be two peas in a single pod, but at the same time these two terms are definitely not a single pea in a single pod."

Big Hollywood Directors Seem To Think People Will Actually Pay $30 To Watch Movies At Home : Well, would you?

Man says attackers tattooed 'RAPEST' on forehead: Two women and two men taze and beat a man, then tattoo "RAPEST" on his forehead. Why? Because supposedly he "tried to have sex with one of them". No evidence of that has been found though. A grim reminder for people who act like the only damage of false rape accusations that's worth talking about is how they make actual victims scared to speak up.

Colleges Cut Men’s Programs to Satisfy Title IX: Title IX. Are they doing it wrong?

New Japanese Fashion Accessory: Cat Ears That Move In Response To Your Feelings : I wonder how long it will be before these start showing up at anime conventions here in The States.

Fall of the metrosexual, rise of the hipster: Does this mean that hipsters are too mainstream to be cool anymore so its time to move on to something new?

A better way to see more non-anti-male ads on TV: See. Its not so hard to advertise a product without insulting men is it? Nice going Pledge.

Power Struggle Part 1: ElectriCities Rates, Governor Calls Her Bill "Exorbitant": When power bills go off the hook. And you know its bad when the governor, who doesn't spend much time at home in the first place, is complaining about her power bill being too high.

Friday Music: The top five gay love (making) songs: Not bad choices, especially the Mazzy Star. Have picks of your own for such a list?

Gluten-Free Cocoa Pancakes: A few gluten free cooking ideas.

My (Evolving) Definition Of “Patriarchy” (RP): Ballgame of Feminists Critics on what he thinks patriarchy is.

Female Chinese musician plays piano x violin x guzheng.

Marinate on that til next week!