Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are we really that rare?

So I'm watching an episode of "Strange Sex" on TLC a few nights ago when one of their segments (most episodes are 30min and cover 2 stories) was about a man named Jon who was a 36 year old virgin. The segment gave a run down of how Jon has shown interests in women and had engaged in touching, kissing, and making out but never having intercourse. Seems like an alright guy to me and if he's a virgin more power to him and I hope he finds the woman he's looking for to get serious with and take it to that level some day. What struck me as odd was one of the stats that came up near the start of the segment about Jon.
Less then three percent of U.S. males over the age of 25 are virgins.
Now I haven't looked up the citation for that stat but I get the feeling its pretty accurate.

I've said before how men and boys are pressured by society to have sex with girls/women as early and often as possible and Jon actually mentions a few of the results of not giving into the pressure. He mentions how guys who are still virgins at that point are tagged as weird, gay, or religious. Society holds a man's sexual prowess up as a defining part of manhood (right up there with his job his willingness to value the lives of women and children over his own).

Thankfully Jon here does seem to be one that is not caring about people thinking that he is still a virgin at such an "advanced" age. Which is a good thing. I've grown rather bored of people acting like a male virgin is some sort of freakish anomaly that needs to be shamed into non-existence.

But damn, do we really only make less that three percent of the over 25 U.S. male population?

So how about you reader? What are your thoughts on guys that are virgins after 25?

(Bear in mind that I myself am a male virgin over the age of 25. Rude and offensive commentary shall be dealt with. The Hand of Moderation will act swiftly and without mercy.)


Amanda said...

Yeah.... so, my response turned into a whole freaking post.

Tim said...

Soooo, 25 years old, huh ?
That means I am 2 years away from being one of the 3%.

I would like to know if this stat is actually based on something. I tried some google-magic, but could not turn anything up. Also, it is kind of interesting that they choose 25 as the age limit. I am pretty sure that there are a lot more virgins in the beginning years of 20-something than just 3 %.

Danny said...

I'm not sure where they got that 3% from either Tim. I just find it almost sad that a guy being a virgin past 25 is strange (remember the show is called "Strange Sex").

Danny said...

Thanks for the shoutout Amanda. I'll be sure to give your "comment" a read.

JayDee said...

Does 25 years old line up with the end of college? That would be my guess as to why that age.

There was a post a month ago on Hooking Up Smart - - covering numbers of partners in college. They were surprised there that ~40% of people in college had zero sexual partners. It's a lower age, but a much higher percentage.

Paul said...

damn... that makes me part of an extreme minority... are there scholarships available? I could use some more money to help me pay for college

Danny said...

Thanks for stopping by JayDee.

Actually presuming that most college bound folks go right after high school the end of college would be around 23 or so. But once you count in guys that go more than 4 years, don't go right after high school, etc... then you may have a point.

Danny said...

I know right Paul.