Thursday, April 14, 2011

Weekly Menu April 14

So what did I eat for lunch this week? I don't know what to call it but dammit it was good. It all started when I saw an orange bell pepper at the grocery store last weekend. I've never seen an orange bell pepper before (I thought there was only red, yellow, and green). Well I just had to use it somehow.

Six Smoked Beef Sausage Links (rinsed and cut into small pieces)

1 each Yellow, Orange, and Red Pepper (rinsed, seeds scooped out, and sliced into small strips)

1/2 a medium white onion (you know how an onion is sliced for onion rings? imagine doing that and then

Minced Garlic

Some Cayenne Pepper for seasoning

Linguinie Noodles (prepared as directed on the pack)

I personally like my onions soft so what I did was start frying the sausage on low heat in a skillet with just a small bit of oil (remember its beef sausage so it has its own grease, this small bit is just to keep it from sticking and/or burning). Once its cooked for few minutes (and more of the grease has come out of the sausage and lined the pan) add in the onions. Turn the heat down as low as you can get away with and just let it simmer for about 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. The goal here is to get the sausage cooked and the onions nice and soft so that when you add in the peppers they don't cook too long and lose their crunch. Let those peppers cook for about 5 minutes. Drain off the excess grease and you're good to go. Toss in some minced garlic and Cayenne pepper (or however you want to season it) and serve over some of that linguinie and you will be really good.