Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 49

So what's up B?

The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan: "It is a difficult report to watch, largely due to some of the similarities to my own experiences. Of the men interviewed, only one was coy about raping boys. The others freely acknowledged “having sex” with boys, one going so far as to claim that most of the boys he abused wanted sex (this man later redeems himself a little by helping rescue one boy). The men were also open about how they sell boys and allow boys to stay the night at other men’s homes. I was truly amazed by one boy’s desire to eventually have his own group of boys to use for himself and his friends. That made me think of my father and uncles, specifically how easy it is to get so used to a given situation that a person would go on to perpetuate it."

Microsoft counts down to XP death: A countdown to the end of support for Windows XP. Its meant to encourage you to make the jump to Vista or Win7...but the countdown clock only works on Win7 or Vista. Its things like this that make me angry when it comes to computers.

Oh No, Women Aren't Violent, Are you Watching "Dear Woman" ?: This is humanity at its worst. Those women are terrible for taking advantage of those homeless men (and I'd even be willing to bet that they chose men to beat on for a reason, would that make it a hate crime?).

The RPG Series: A line of scents based on RPG races, classes, and alignments. I just had a nerdgasm.

The Massive Treasure Trove Of Historic Jazz Recordings That Almost No One Has Heard... Thanks To Copyright: Hold on I thought the point of copyright was to protect the artists who make creations. So where's that protection when works are left to deteriorate over time because the entities that own the copyrights keep them locked away, preferring to let them waste away than risk someone "stealing" them.

On mothers’ groups and men-bashing: "Furthermore, generalizing those complaints to “men” instead of her man places her in solidarity with other (male-partnered) women rather than (falsely!) placing the blame on her and her “bad choice” of a partner. I can’t — won’t — deprive someone of their coping mechanism, won’t condescend to presume even that such is true for every woman I’m listening to, won’t offend by assuming ill-intent or laziness."

The SaVE Act: Trading Liberty for Security on Campus: "If you take seriously statistics indicating persistent violence against women on college and university campuses, you have to acknowledge that disdain for due process and onerous restrictions on speech and belief that have long prevailed on campus do not alleviate sexual violence. Arbitrary, unfair disciplinary procedures, expansive speech and harassment codes, and intrusive "sensitivity trainings" have denied students fundamental freedoms for years, in the hope of creating "safe" and "nurturing" environments for women and other presumptively vulnerable groups. Yet, according to frequently quoted Justice Department studies, 20% to 25% of women on campus will be the victims of sexual assault this year. Recent campus murders, rapes, and alleged rapes dramatize these frightening statistics. "

Syrian Lesbian’s Blogspot - ‘My Father, the Hero’: "Another problem for western feminists confronting the Islamic world is that women there seem to balk at the misandry that must seem to them to be required here. Much feminist orthodoxy in this country has for years involved the notion that families are the seat of the oppression of women by men and that male relatives are uniquely dangerous to women and girls. Islamic women may have more respect for men, marriage and families than western feminists are comfortable with."

Is it me or does this Cliff House look like the perfect place for a murder mystery?

Take it easy!