Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 47

So how does it go? I actually managed to come up with quite a bit this time.

Cesar Laurean Wife Files Divorce, Obtains Custody Of Daughter: Kinda reminds me of how Mary Winkler killed her husband in cold blood and managed to keep custody.

Don't let ignorant people vote: I can understand wanting to increase voter education on the issues. But I can't help but think that putting in some sort of registration exam or requirements would do some sort of harm.

How to Find Thousands of Free Ebooks Online: In the market for some free ebooks?

Statutory Damages In Copyright Law Make It More Appealing To Sue Than To Innovate: Mike Mansick on how and why companies have turned suing into a business model.

Amazing how the reactions two different feminists get on about the same subject when one goes in guns blazing then complains when people fire back and the other actually comes in with the good faith the gun blazer is claiming.

Japanese citizens turning in cash found in tsunami zone: Now that's honesty.

AOL, Arianna Huffington Hit with Class Action Suit: "Huffington Post bloggers who think they ought to get paid for their volunteer writing have been litigating their case in the court of public opinion. Now they’re taking it to a real one." On one hand I can understand bloggers that worked without monetary payment (not to be confused with working for free) on the Huffington Post are upset at the fact that she turned around and sold it for a lot of money (not just a lot of money, no she made fucking bank off that deal with AOL) but on the other I wonder if the Huffington Post had gone down in flames of failure would they be so quick to chip in money to help her recover (because its not like they were taking the monetary risk).

Street Fighter vs Tekken beta video: All I'm saying is that if I can't have Sagat vs. Marduk and/or Steve Fox vs Dudley I will refuse to play this game.

‘The Boyfriend Trainer’: Choke and Tase Him When He Misbehaves: A bait and switch on awareness of violence?

Who knew men suffer from psychological trauma too: Its amazing what you can find out about men when you start treating them like people isn't it? On one hand I think studies on male victims of violence are needed because they would do a lot of good at showing people that males are abused. On the other it pains me that society so hyped up on the idea of what a "real man" is that it refuses to acknowledge abused men, thus making such studies necessary.

Show Us Your Genitals! and Other Gender Weirdness: "Even though El’Jai Devoureau has identified as male all his life – and has the necessary paperwork to prove his male identity – the fact that he was assigned female at birth was enough to cause him to lose his job at a drug treatment center in New Jersey, a state that has job discrimination protections based on gender identity and expression." Shit like this should not be happening.

"The Victorian Dead" An August/Davenport Collaborative Album: The Davenport Sisters (the brains behind the Clockwork Cabret radio show) are part of a Kickstarter project.

Woman Kills MIL, Shoots Husband, Gets Visitation With Son, Victim Has None: "Yes, the woman who tried to murder his father, did murder his grandmother and considered drowning the child in the bathtub gets to visit with him regularly.

The man who barely escaped death, who managed to call 911 on his own behalf and who stood up in court, in the darkness of his blind world to testify for the woman who tried to take his life, is being denied all access to his son."

Drop It Like It's Hot: Renee doing her own mashup.

A way to shot machetes at people?

Have you got anything to share? See you cool cats next week.


womanistmusings said...

I just read the piece on HuffPo and I for one am glad that they are suing and hope that they get the profits that they are asking for. The truth of the matter is that the internet is quickly killing professional writing. People see writers as a dime a dozen and often want to offer exposure instead of money as though one can eat exposure. It is bullshit and it is exploitation. I further believe that people who take the time to read a blog everday should be dropping their coffee money into the donation box. Just because you can access something for free does not mean that you should. It shows a completely lack of understanding of the value that the reader is being given. I am going to stop now otherwise I will go off on yet another unholy rant about what the internet is doing to the craft of writing and journalism.

Danny said...

Okay I'll admit that I'm a bit torn on the subject for reasons I mention in the post (If Huffington Post had failed and she had to close up shop would those bloggers be so quick to help her out?).

And for a nice bit of hypocrisy check this out.

Apparently one of the main people behind that lawsuit is pulling the exact same thing on people who contribute to his site.