Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 45

So what's the dealeo?

Should we move away from the word feminist?: Personally I think they'd better served by actually addressing the negativity in the movement that causes the negative reactions rather than pretending those negative reactions are all just total works of fiction. Yes that would be a much better way than just changing the name.

A photo tour of the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans: A rather sad look at a Six Flags park in New Orleans that closed down after Hurrican Katrina came through and never reopened.

Reasons the “Feminists Fuck Better” Catch-Phrase Makes Me Queasy: I'm pretty sure I've posted this before but even if I did its awesome enough to mention again.

Losing puts hair on your chest: I can dig that. Part of being a man is being able to come back after a loss.

Fuck The World.

Exalt for Men: "Exalt is donating 100 percent of the net profits from the sale of its next 10,000 cases to ZeroCancer: The Project to End Prostate Cancer. So when you buy Exalt, you’re not just buying a tasty beverage—you’re doing good." Yeah that's a good cause right there.

Leading scientist 'trafficked Tanzanian woman, 21, into Britain and kept her as house slave': "A scientist at one of the world's leading medical research institutions has appeared in court accused of keeping a 21-year-old woman as a house slave.
Rebecca Balira, 46, is alleged to have trafficked Methodia Mathias into the UK from her homeland in Tanzania to keep her as her unpaid servant.
Ms Balira, who has a 15 year association with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is also accused of physically abusing the woman by beating her."

Good Question: How The Hell Did The NYT Spend $40 Million On That Paywall?: Good question indeed.

Top 10 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine: A set of tips to get your day off to a better start.

Boston College Tells Students That Using A Wireless Router Is A Sign Of Copyright Infringement: O Rly?

How To Make Beer: Wow. I want to make beer now...but this does not make me wan to make a bloody mary.

Kodansha to bring Sailor Moon back to the United States: Do you think if this catches on someone will decide to rerelease the anime? And if so by all that is holy would it be unaltered. Zoycite was a guy and Uranus and Neptune were NOT cousins.

NY: Child Welfare Workers Charged with Homicide in Death of Child: Another example of child abuse and another example of the system failing a child that needed help.

I think I just came a little.

Take it easy!