Saturday, April 23, 2011

Transphobic Violence at a Baltimore McDonalds

Found out about this from LorMarie (I'll get back to the subject of that post later), read up on it at Questioning Transphobia then tracked it back to World Star Hip Hop (NSFW and quite violent, tread carefully.)

The video is of two women attacking a third. Why was she attacked? Well it seems that there are still some transphobic jerks out there that think being transgender is a valid reason to commit violence against them.

Of course its not. But's not stopping people from thinking that everyone must abide by the body they are born with. Reproductive system. Chromosomes. The clothes you wear. The optimal position for peeing. None of those things are ironclad criteria that determine what your gender is to anyone except for yourself. There is absolutely no reason to take your definition of gender and try to literally beat it into someone else.


Bema said...

I was hoping never to hear of this again.

Watching that video made me cry. And that's amazing because I have express so little empathy, and I'm sure that terrible things happen to transgendered people all the time, but to actually see the vicious hate crimes they face is unbearable.

Knowing the Baltimore Police*, nothing good will come of this.

*by means of the Wire, a credential I constantly bring up.

Danny said...

Yeah it is some terrible stuff. And what's possibly worse than the violence itself is the sick reasons that pass for "justification" with such horrible people.