Monday, April 18, 2011

#thingsfatpeoplearetold: Real stories, real pain, real shame

I'm not sure when it started up (correction: Looks like it came from Brian over at Red No. 3) but the Twitter hasttag #thingfatpeoplearetold is some serious shit.

Its become a beacon for people to share their experiences with fat hatred and shame and they are pretty terrible.

Folks being told they only sell smaller sizes so pretty people can shop. Being constantly asked if you play a sport. Being told you would look better if you weren't fat. Being suddenly asked if you lost weight immediately after a compliment on your looks (because the only way a fat person can look good is to lose weight right?).

But I think the greatest part of it is that I, as a fat guy, have been able to add my two cents without someone swooping in to remind me that hatred against fat guys isn't as bad as fat hatred against women. But despite that there aren't that many guys chiming in. Believe me guys I know how hard it is to be teased, ridiculed, shamed, and otherwise harassed about being fat. And I also know how hard it is to come through that and be able to actually say something about. (And I also know how hard it is to actually say something about it and be dismissed.) You aren't alone in this. Even if just a single tweet or if you only read them know that you aren't the only one being treated that way and you aren't the only feeling the way you do.

So come on guys don't be scared to chime in.


TitforTat said...

When I was younger I was at the opposite end of the spectrum, "small". Persecution usually happens when you are outside the box. :'(

Danny said...

Oh yeah you are right on that TitforTat.