Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Test Your Might

If you recall last week I put up the first episode of a new Mortal Kombat series titled "Mortal Kombat Legacy". Well here is episode 2.

It looks like they are not going the route of all the supernatural, dimension travelling, craziness that has ensued in the video game franchise. Well at least not yet. And I like that. One of my main complaints about MK games was that there was just too many characters to deal with. Don't get me wrong I agree that a large roster of varying characters is a good thing in a fighting game but from the story line aspect it gets hectic.

But I will say its not perfect. Namely the fight scenes come off as if they were trying a bit too hard to make it look real and cool. And regardless of how many characters come up or how the story goes tight fighting sequences are going to be crucial in a series that based on a franchise of fighting games. Oh and you will have suspend belief for a bit at the part where we see how (at least in this telling) Kano lost his right eye.

With the way this is starting off I think it could almost pass for something that could be shown on Starz! or HBO. Mind you this is only episode 2 so there is a lot of room for that to change.