Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sympathy for the devil?

I'm sure you've seen it before. Someone does something bad and people crowd around them trying to defend them. More than likely you can think of at least one instance of that happening. Well here's another.

I'm sure you recall Crystal Mangum right? About 5 years ago she was in the middle of a major dust up when she accused 3 Duke Lacrosse team players of raping her. Long story short the charges were false, she wasn't punished, the players were found guilty in the court of public opinion (apparently despite contradicting evidence some people just "know" they raped her that night), the coach of the team was forced to resign, and the DA who tried to prosecute the case (Mike Nifong) was disbarred. Fast forward to today.

Back in the beginning of April Mangum was arrested on charges of assaulting (stabbing) her boyfriend Reginald Daye. Earlier this week said boyfriend, who was still in the hospital for injuries from the stabbing, passed away. So there is a real chance that the charges will go up from assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill to some sort of murder charges (I hope first degree). What does that mean? Well of course that means that she is the victim in all this.

I've got a copy of a local newspaper called The Washington Daily News that I picked up after reading a headline about Daye's passing. (I haven't had luck finding a copy of the story online so I'll be typing from the paper itself.)

First off the title:

More drama for Duke LAX accuser
As if the death of the live in boyfriend is just an event on that "Real Housewives..." show.

Second off the subtitle:
Man's death adds to Mangum's woes

Yes woe is the poor innocent victim of a woman who is alive to possibly (hopefully) face murder charges over her boyfriend's death.

Now, a boyfriend she's accused of stabbing has died-plunging her story to a new low.

Her story? She falsely accused three guys of raping her and has since assaulted her boyfriend (in a separate assault that happened before this last one) and setting fire to her home while her three children were inside. Yeah.

I could go on but I don't want to copy too much of this. The article goes on to try to paint Mangum up as a mother who struggled to raise her family in Durham, NC. Okay I know the city of Durham and I know it can be hard and raising three children is not easy but that is not an excuse for acts of violence and arson and endangering said children and it certainly not an excuse for murder.

Sympathy indeed.


elementary_watson said...

Nicking a pit (or whatever it is called), I think her name is Mangum, not Magnum (easy to misread, though).

Personally, I don't mind the sympathy for Mangum as much as the complete erasure of Daye's personhood. Were the newspaper to write about someone prominent at a low point in his/her life having beencaughtshop-lifting, they could use the exactly same tone used in the article, apparently. That they write in this vein about a murder means that this man's life isn't much more valuable in their eyes as some designer clothes. That's just vile.

Danny said...

You're correct on the spelling. I had magnum on the brain from something else when I did that post. Corrections will be made.

And yes it is vile.

Reginald Daye was more than just "more drama" in Mangum's "story". He was a real person who's life was taking by another.