Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm scared.

I was glancing at my traffic stats today and I saw that one of the search keywords used this week to get to my blog was, "are there people who are sexual attracted to pokemon".

This worries me. A lot.


Tim said...

What worries you exactly ?

That there are people who have a fetish for pokemon ?
Or that google makes them believe that they can find them here ?

Now, do you think that being sexually attracted by tem is a bad/wrong/uhealthy thing ?
I mean there are tons of fetishes, starting from feet to real dolls to diaper-wearing, so why not pokemon ? You are unlikely to ever meet any, true, but there is always cosplay, right ?

April said...


Bema said...

Oh my goodness, diid you ever write anything in relation to Pokemon on this website? I'm sure it had nothing to do with this:

You should be thankful that you got one of the lighter fetishes.

Danny said...

Its a matter of deriving something sexual from something that's pointed at children. While I won't try to say that such things are wrong between consenting adults it just seems a bit odd to me.

Speaking of actually meeting one I actually have a friend that has taken the time to learn Pikachu's voice.

In the end its just a simple knee jerk reaction more than anything.

Danny said...

I remember when you used to post the keywords to got people to your blog. Odd shit. Thankfully though this keyword only came up twice.

Danny said...

Nah Bema I'm betting it had nothing to do with it.