Monday, March 28, 2011

A wonderful chain of freedom

Okay first a disclaimer. I'm a bit tipsy so this may not come out the way I want but I think its a good thought.

As you know when it comes to gender related blogging you have different people on different sides. You have MRAs, feminists, people who claim other titles, and people who may claim no title. Also I'm sure you know that when it comes to crossing paths these different walks of life may not have the best time getting along. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all link together in some sort of chain. Hear me out.

I myself am a non feminist and I make no bones about it. Yeah there are good ones out there but I have my reasons for being able to agree with them while at the same time refusing that title. Well what if I got along with a feminist and that feminist bridged me to other feminists. How about if you had a feminist that didn't get along with MRAs so well and used me a bridge to them. Well what if you have a womanist that didn't get along with with MRAs not feminists that well and used myself to bridge with MRAs and that feminist that I bridged with to bridge with feminists. Well then imagine you had a transgender activists that has bad experiences with feminists and MRAs and did the same. See how it could build out into a massive web in which even though we may cross paths with people that we may not get along with we are at least able to relate to them through other people who can.

Hey I warned you that I'm tipsy.


TitforTat said...

"The circle of life"

You sure youre not watching Disney. ;)

Danny said...

Nah I wasn't. I was tipsy not drunk.

Amanda said...

I think it's a cute idea.

Tim said...

Is this not how it is working right now ?

There are a lot of people on the blogosphere who have a foot in more than one door, who feel they stand in the between or are willing to reach out.

I think your theory comes pretty close to what really is, the only thing you, IMHO let out was that there is more than this bridging going on. And when I say more then I mean direct headbutting and overtly snarky pieces published on GMPM that are little more than bashing the opposition.

Danny said...

Yes cute but no original. But I did say I was under the influence. (B)logging (W)hile (I)ntoxicated.

Danny said...

Yeah Time there are people who are trying to do this and there are people who are fairly successful at it (Womanist Musings would be one example). However even for those who are trying to bridge gaps depending on where you're coming from even those who are trying build bridges will staunchly oppose people they deem as "other" (again Womanist Musings would be an example, although its more the commenters that Renee herself, most of the time).