Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 44

Oh hi. Its the weekend again already? Well link 'em if ya got 'em.

Why I'm Leaving Feminism: "The feminist movement does not believe I am a human being. It dehumanises me. It uses my body and my lived experiences for its own ends and throws me away when it’s done. I am something disposable; I am the sacrificial planking on the hull of the feminist movement. It took me a long time to learn that I was being left out for the sea worms to eat, not actually playing an integral role in the movement, to learn that, fundamentally, many people believed that ‘my issues’ were not feminist."

Thirty Days For Child Rape: Okay I understand that part of the point of a plea deal is to give the offender the chance to not face the maximum penalty. But come the fuck on 30 days in JAIL (not even prison) for giving teens alcohol and then raping one of them? My problem here is that its not like how much of a reduction in punishment the offender gets is chosen by the offender. That means that someone in that legal system thought that 30 days in jail was adequate punishment for a woman who gives teens alcohol and rapes an under aged boy. I wonder if those folks in Oregon would give the same break to a 35 year old man that rapes a 14 year old girl.

Historically Hardcore

Do Men Need to Act Like Women to Succeed as Fathers?: No. Perhaps they need the qualities of a good parent that have been associated with being a women and thought to be entirely non existent in men for so long. (Which is what I think that article is getting at.)

People Are Awesome: This Guy Scuba Dived Into the Tsunami to Rescue His Wife and Mother: This man is The Man.

Woman sentenced after streaming sex abuse of daughter over webcam: That's just disgusting.

NC House To Reconsider Mexican ID Cards: "Currently, the Mexican Consulate issues the card for nationals in North Carolina. Some cities in the state accept the identification card, including Durham. Durham approved allowing their police force to accept the Mexican Consulate's card in November. However, the proposed House Bill 33 would bar local governments from recognizing the identification cards." This might not be such a great idea.

Yes that is Teddy Roosevelt fighting Bigfoot. (Check the gallery there's cool TMNT art in there too.)

What the battle in Wisconsin means for the rest of us: April up in Wisconsin protesting. Like a Boss.

Can We Degenderize Domestic Violence?: Its one thing to believe the people who disagree with parts of feminism are wrong for actual logical reasons. Its quite another to believe that feminism is some infallible entity that is so right that the very act of questioning it or critiquing it is considered a waste of time. Its also not good when think a movement should just get a free pass on its negativity that those who disagree with it are expected to just get over it.

Keep it real.