Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 43

How goes it?

Double Discrimination: "One of my teachers said it right today. She noted that not only do I have to deal with the lack of adequately accessible facilities, but then I also have to deal with investing the time and energy in self-advocacy to get the facilities. It’s “double discrimination”, she said. And she’s exactly right, and that’s what I’ve been struggling to explain, and something just went click inside me, because I realised that was the vocabulary, the image, that I needed." Having to overcome discrimination in order to get to the point where you can work to overcome discrimination.

The One Good Man: "The One Good Man sees all other men as feckless, immoral, weak, beneath him. The One Good Man is good because he knows he is the only good man. He is special. He regales of stories of his goodness, all with the same refrain: I have used my strengths to woman’s service, I have crushed men so that women may walk upon them. And thus he is deserving of the admiration and approval of many woman. He has a Harem. But that is not enough."

Teachers March For Jobs: " More than 1,000 teachers from around the state took to the streets of Raleigh today. They were in town for the North Carolina Association of Educators annual conference. They are protesting, in part, against possible budget cuts in the General Assembly that could lead to tens of thousands of teachers and school personnel being laid off. The Legislature is trying to plug a $2.5 billion dollar budget gap. As Dave DeWitt reports, teachers are feeling pinched not only by the economy and the state budget, but by a national trend that paints “them” as the problem with public education."

Train your man like your dog, books recommend: So what's all this I keep hearing about misandry, hatred of men, and sexism against men not existing? If you want to learn about me try fucking talking to us. It might not get the results you want but I assure its a lot better than treating us like dogs. But I suppose the notion that men are people is still just a bit too radical for people to grasp in this day and age right?

Quick hit: Amanda Marcotte on Men’s Rights Activists: Well what do you know there are some people who had sense enough to realize that Marcotte was being unfair in that garbage she tried to pass off at Good Men Project. Oh you didn't think I was talking about the person at Feministing that posted that did you? Sorry for misleading you no that's just the usual praise for a person that venomous to MRAs in a way that would have them crying foul if it were done to feminists. I'm talking about some of the people in the comment section.

Mom Abused Toddler So Man Could Watch: If I didn't know any better I'd swear they are trying to say its unfair that the woman that abused her own daughter got a larger sentence than the man who made her do it. Okay not so much made her do it but talked her into doing it while he watched. And by watched I mean he did it over web cam. And by over web cam I mean she did it in the US while he watched over web cam in the UK. Yeah.

Does Hollywood Deserve Its Own Patriot Act?: Not no but HELL NO! Trying to depend on outdated business models does not entitle you to special laws. And for the record streaming/downloading a song is not terrorism.

That's all for now peoples. Later!


Tim said...

It is interesting to see who quickly that thread about Amanda Marcottes piece came to a halt and descended into silence after only two reasonable responses. Hm.

Danny said...

Well duh Tim. Did you expect them to actually admit that Marcotte was being unfair in the exact same manner they would be screaming bloody murder over if Paul Elam had done it to them?