Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 42

Yeah yeah yeah you know what's about to happen.

NFL talks break down; legal battle will threaten start of season: And bear in mind its not the players trying to get more money. Its the owners. You know the ones that don't take anywhere near the risks that the actual player do.

Bath & Bodyworks Goes To Court To Explain To Summit Entertainment That The Word Twilight Existed Before The Movie: Must be terrible when you only have one major movie franchise to your name and you have to go after innocent uses of a word in order to stay afloat.

“Clarissa Explains It All” Coming To A TV Screen Near You: Nice. Give me some Salute Your Shorts and All That and we will be cooking (hard to accept the fact that such shows are nearly 15-20 years old).

From The Atlantic

DADvocate: Came across this while reading that clusterfuck Marcotte tried to pass off as "solutions" to the issues that MRAs bring up. Gonna have to check these folks out.

Arizona Muse x Missy Rayder by Mikael Jansson Pretty pictures. (Possible NSFW because of topless women.)

The Most Beautiful Truck Crash Ever: And probably most expensive too. But most importantly no one was hurt.

Student Humiliated By Mock ‘Slave’ Auction in School: "A history teacher at Chapelfield Elementary School apparently held a mock slave auction as a means of explaining the history of slavery to students. The class was divided into two sections: “Slaves” and “Masters”. There were only two African-American students in the classroom—one was assigned to be a “Master” and the other student, Nikko Burton, was told to be a “Slave”." On the real?

Breaking the Bread Code: How to Get the Freshest Loaf I had seen this a few years ago but lost the link. Glad I found it again. How to tell when the bread in your market was baked.

Blue: Monday
Green: Tuesday
Red: Thursday
White: Friday
Yellow: Saturday

Sailor Lady // Daily Outfit: More pretty pictures.

WhatMenAreMadeOf: This might be worth keeping an eye on...

Appropriating Yoga: "In regards to the video, I can see why some Hindus would be angry. The criticism here is that yoga in America is far removed from Hinduism. In fact, I have a few friends who practice yoga (I’ve even thought about doing it at one point) and it does’t seem they’re interested in the origins of it. Most want to do it for exercise. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that in of itself, but it wouldn’t hurt to learn about the history and the philosophy behind yoga. Also I feel this is just some sort of trend, many people are taking up yoga simply because it’s popular."

Geek Media Round-Up: February 17, 2011: A bit dated I know but oddly it didn't show up in my Google Reader until this week. Weird. But here's a more recent one.

Meet the Men’s Rights Movement: A good collection of a big interaction between feminists and MRAs this week (venom on both sides, good faith on both sides). A lot of posts to go through.

Catch cool cats next week!

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