Monday, March 7, 2011

Video Game Playthroughs

Do you have a low gaming budget?

More games than you have time to play?

Maybe you're a bit slow on playing through games and miss a lot of titles?

Perhaps someone you live with (parents/significant other) won't let you play some games?

Or how about you're aren't interested enough in a game to warrant the price tag?

Then maybe watching video game playthroughs are what you need!

For me my thing is that I don't have much of a gaming budget. I don't have any of the current generation of consoles (Wii, PS3, XBox 360) and I'm not really up to date with my handheld gaming on my Nintendo DSi either (although I'm a bit of an avid Pokemon player). Also even if I had the money I don't have a lot of time to get my game on these days either. So a few months ago I started looking up playthroughs of games that I didn't have the budget or the time for and will probably never get my hands on since gaming is constantly progressing.

What's a playthrough you ask? Simply put its a recording of someone playing through a video game. Years ago the opportunity to watch such a thing was pretty much limited to watching people you had regular contact with (as in lived nearby). However with the rise of youtube it became possible to share such videos over the internet for countless people to see.

And boy is it fun.

It lets me see all the action and get all the story of a game without having to actually have my hands on it. And there is one channel on youtube that you should really check out.

There is a group of gamers who operate under the name Mahalo Games that have several such videos up on youtube.

I just finished watching one of their members play though Dead Space 2. Let me tell you that game is so f'n scary that I will never buy it and play on my own. Hell I only watched the playthrough during the daytime while I was at work. Last week while I was watching it he power went out. Oh my f'n god. You see I work in a room full of larger servers and massive computers with loud exhaust fans. Well all that equipment has blinking lights. So when the power went out my office looked like something straight out of Dead Space. Scary.

But I warn you that this is a straight playthrough. That means no tips and tricks just a straight run through.

All in all its a fun thing to do and a nice way to kill time.


Tim said...

Hi Danny !

What you mean is known to me as 'Let's Play' or LP Videos and it's nowhere new :)

You might want to head over to They have a huge number of LPs archived over there. But be advised that most of those LPs came from the something awful forum, which is not the most egalitarian place in the world. You might come across stuff you find offensive.

Danny said...

So there is a collective of such old videos. I recall a few times swapping VHS tapes of recorded playthroughs but I didn't realize that other people were doing them for so long as well.

Thanks for the link Tim.