Saturday, March 19, 2011

This dad would have been a big help to Casey Haines

If you recall a few days ago I was talking about the rather serious manner in which Casey Haines dealt with a bully at his school. If you hadn't heard about here I'm sure you've seen it elsewhere by now.

Once I came down from the rush of seeing him handle business (and yes he did handle business) I commented on how the school system and that bully's parents really let Casey down. Frankly speaking while I'm glad he stood up for himself (and forget that "he should have walked away" nonsense) it should have not been necessary for him to have to do that in the first place because that confrontation should not have taken place or at least it should not have escalated to that point. Either the school or the bully's parents should have handled that beforehand. Well here's one dad that's not having it.
AN IRATE Ipswich father has marched his two children to a police station to have them charged with assault after catching them attacking another teen.
Yes this father, who has chosen to remain anonymous, saw his son and daughter beating up another kid and sprung into action. He actually broke up the beating, took the victim home, then dragged his kids to the police station.

A special nod to this dad, especially in this day and age when people seem to only want to talk about dads when there's something bad to be said about them.

I'm willing to bet that Casey would not have had to do what he did if there were more parents like this (and teachers) that would take care of business. Imagine if the kid that bullied Casey had been stopped cold by his own parents after the first encounter. Chances are it would not have led to him eating pavement.

Part of the dad's motivation for his actions was the fact that he himself was bullied as a child. In his days he was teased and harassed for his glasses. Guess what his kids were beating up their 13 year old victim over? That's right, glasses. Dad even drove the point home by showing his kids a past picture of when he wore glasses. It must by pretty eye opening to see that your parents share a common trait with the kid you were bullying I suppose.

And the most awesome part, the dad has said that if the victim's parents decide to press charges he will support their decision.


Eagle33 said...

This dad should be awarded a medal. We need more fathers like him, especially ones who are not afraid to punish their daughters as well as their sons for acting violent against those unable to defend themselves.

Danny said...

I agree Eagle. Especially on the punishing of girls who bully. People, even those who say they are serious about bullying, seem to think that bullying can only be boy v girl, boy v boy, with a grudging acceptance of girl v girl (kinda like DV if you think about it).

Eagle33 said...

I know all to well, Danny.