Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Okay so maybe I went overboard earlier

( The video I'm gonna post here, and this same video it at places I'm linking to here as well, is pretty serious. Just giving a warning.)

I'll admit it I, like most people, have flaws. And one of my biggest flaws is that I hold grudges. And if given the opportunity I'll bludgeon someone with it I will. (Let's just say I was cheering Maria on in this clip, which is also pretty violent.) Which would explain why I enjoyed this clip just a little too much.

Okay by now I'm sure you're read about or seen the video of young Casey Haines getting attacked by a bully and Casey's retaliation by way of face bomb. When I first came across it at Renee's I was amped up. You see I was amped up because I was in Casey's shoes a long time ago and I retaliated in a similar manner.

I even went on to post it up at April's place while I was still on the rush of seeing it.

But then I came across Ta-Nehisi Coates' post and I realized that maybe I was getting just a bit too happy about this.

I'll admit when I first read this I was heated and would have been the first to say "Fuck him!" (and I think I did). But on the other hand this is a moment where we shouldn't get too wrapped up in how awesome that slam was but instead look at the bigger picture at hand.

On thinking further about it I have to say that the real shame here is that the school administration and parents of that bully really dropped the ball here. As someone says in here young Casey has been bullied before. That kind of pressure builds up over time due to feelings of not being able to run, hide, or get help. If the staff of that school had actually helped Casey in the past more than likely it would not have culminated in this display of violence. You see by not getting help and pretty much being left to take the bullying that kid that came at him in the video pretty much knew he was an easy mark (and firmly believe the person recording was set up ahead of time by the bully in order to get video of him showing off).

Casey's back was to the wall and he finally concluded that he had had enough and decided that if no one was going to help him he just had to help himself. And that's why its a bit hard to not simply cheer him on with no further examination. Its good to see him stand up for himself but frankly it should not have come to that. And that's the bigger picture.

You see school's are supposed to be active in trying to stop bullying. Not only is there the obvious physical risk but there is also the mental risk. No telling if Casey has self esteem issues, confidence problems, or anything else. At the same time his tormentor may very well have some skeletons in his own closet as well (perhaps he is bullied by someone and he's taking it out on Casey?).

Lately people have been making a big deal about cyberbullying. I agree something needs to be done about that I think we need to get old fashioned in school bullying under control too.