Saturday, March 12, 2011

I may be having a disconnect moment

I've taken too many breaks this year already so I'm gonna try to work through this. And besides I think its time I try to move on. So on with the show.

If you didn't know there has been a bit of action going on this week on different feminist and MRA spaces this week (Check out Pandagon, Good Men Project, Pelle Billing, Toy Soldier, Hugo Schwyzer, manboobz, and a lot of others). Well I was looking at this piece and got to one part that puzzled me a bit.:
So men are indeed architects of their own adversity. This doesn’t mean that each boy is individually responsible for his own suffering.
How can you in one sentence lump all men together for the sake of holding us responsible for what happens to us but then in literally the next line say you aren't holding us responsible for what happens to us?

I know its important for some activists to preemptively absolve women of anything resembling responsibility but goodness.


Thomas said...

Absolving women seems to be Schwyzers main concern in his articles about masculinity. Suggesting that only men as a class keep the system running is just ridiculous. But absolution is a nice thing, so I'm not surprised his writing gets praised by women. Realizing that you are guilty too of perpetuating a system that hurts yourself and others is not a nice thing.

We men are not “architects of our own adversity.” This mantra makes sense in a therapeutic setting, when you are dealing with individuals. The thought of having control over your own life is comforting, but of course false. All you can do as an individual is try your best and hope for the best. But as a way to look at an entire class of people the mantra is useless.

Danny said...

But absolution is a nice thing, so I'm not surprised his writing gets praised by women.
And feminists. Pretty self serving to get reassured by a privileged male that nothing is your fault while trying to prove himself to your cause eh?

Like I say Thomas I get this odd disconnect moment when I come across stuff like this. "Its not your own fault just your gender's fault therefore you yourself are responsible for fixing it and if you don't its a sure fire sign that you support the system." (I really can't imagine them feeding this line to women.) Huh?

Thanks for stopping by.

Thomas said...

"(I really can't imagine them feeding this line to women.) Huh?"

Well, to be fair some feminist do it. Here in Germany a somewhat popular feminist recently wrote a book, in which she called out young, professional women for making wrong decisions in their personal life. It goes without saying, that she got very mixed reactions from other feminists.

BTW, did you see this article
It's a really refreshing take on the topic.

Danny said...

You're right they do (despite attempts to disavow said feminists).

I came across that article and have been reading it and I think commenting on it (I've been posting a lot so it hard to keep up).