Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hopes, Dreams, Discoveries, and Adventures

The Japanese intro for Pokemon Black/White.

Yeah don't be fooled by the title this is about Pokemon.

I've been playing the various entries of the Pokemon video game franchise for a rather long time and the most recent generation (fifth) released last week. And as any avid gamer is I was right there to pick up my copies of them on release day. I've had a week to work on them and form an opinion.

If you are new to the series (although I'm having a hard time believing that anyone that would be interested in playing Pokemon hasn't at least tried it before) I say give it a try. Its a pretty interesting experience to collect little small digital monsters while exploring a world that seems to have quite a bit more of a story than past entries in the series. Specifically there is an organization (Team Plazma) that is devoted to liberating pokemon from their trainers under the thought that pokemon really don't want to be with people. I'm sure I'll be posting on this again later.

If you have played them before and still enjoy them then go right ahead and get into Black/White because the formula, even with the new story and massive world, is still pretty much the same. Travel the world, capture pokemon, win badges, become champion, explore new parts of the world. However one thing that has really changed up are the pokemon themselves.

For anyone familiar with the past generations you know that could always rely on catching a Zubat and Geodude the first time you stepped in a cave. That's not the case here. Mind you Woobat and Roggenrolla are pretty much the new Zubat and Geodude is is worth noting that not are different moves coming up lot sooner than expected (Second gym leader having a pokemon with Take Down? On the real?) but type arrangements are mixed up pretty nicely too. Getting a chance to get a psychic before the second gym and a dark type before the first gym? Unheard of! But I think the real treat so far are the new moves. So far my favorite new move is bar none Incinerate. Yeah its the weakest fire type move of them all. But name another move that burns up the berry your opponent's pokemon may be holding so they can't use it.

Unfortunately for the most part if you've tried it in the past and either got bored with it or don't like then you may want to skip out on this one too. As a fan of the series I'm entertained with the relatively small changes and enjoy them. But if you have already decided you don't like the pokemon formula then Black/White are not going to change your mind.

Well there you have it. Yes I play Pokemon, yes I enjoy it, and no I'm not ashamed of it. Its not perfect but what game is?