Friday, February 18, 2011

What if John Hughes directed a Legend of Zelda Movie?

May his dearly departed soul rest in peace. John Hughes was the director that put a big screen voice to the teenagers of the 80s. Well as you know in the late 80s Link, Zelda, and Ganon were just getting their eternal conflict revved up. So as the title asks what would happen? I'm sure you've never asked yourself that but since you started reading I bet you are now. So here goes.


Debbie said...

Ok..That was Awesome and I would so see that! Also Zelda>Princess Peach!

Tim said...

I'd rather take him then Uwe Boll.

And the trailer is kinda trashy and awesome.

Danny said...

Speaking of Legend of Zelda movie there as also this little gem that IGN did a few years ago. A trailer for a fake movie as an April Fool's rumor. But for real I would watch that.