Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 40

Well people I'm back for the time being. I hate posting from my laptop so I brought my current main pc back online so I could get back into the flow of things. Discussion waits for no one.

Julie Schenecker Asks Court to Freeze Marital Assets for her Defense: "The problem comes in determining which are hers and which are Parker’s. As things stand now, she’s asking the criminal court to decide that issue, over which I doubt it has jurisdiction. Far worse, until a court separates his assets from hers, she’ll potentially be able to use his money to defend her on charges of murdering his dearly-loved children."

A New Age of Humanism?: "I'm beginning to feel a shift in the world. I'm sure I'm not the only one who senses it and I know there are many who just ignore this possibility and just focus on the contraints of the bubble they've created for themselves. In many ways, our countries are slowly learning how to break these ethnocentic, economic, racist, bigoted, politicised, ecological and religious divides."

Did the system fail Raziah?: A bit of insight on just how children "fall through the cracks" of the system that is supposed to be in place to help them.

Crisis of masculinity? Time for psychologists to study men: While I don't care much for the user of "post-feminist" in that article I do agree that it might be time for psychology to take a look at men. And when I say that I don't mean the few upper class elite men that have somehow become the official representation of our entire gender. No I'm talking about the men that make up these numbers, "The suicide rate (2) for men has for several decades been at least three times higher than that for women. To this day, national statistics show that men die significantly younger (3) than women. Men are four times more likely to become dependent on alcohol (4) than women. Men make up the vast majority of single homeless persons (5). Nearly all prisoners in the UK are male (6) and the majority of these prisoners have mental health problems which means in effect that our prisons are highly populated with males who need help with their mental health."

Report: U.S. 'Decades Behind' Other Countries In Parental Leave: Oh dear it looks like the secret is finally out.

Case Study: How TED Learned That 'Giving It Away' Increased Both Popularity And Revenue:"By "giving away" the infinite for free, and helping to spread it and syndicate it as far and as wide as possible, TED was able to massively boost its brand awareness and interest, and increase the value of the seats. And that's increased in almost every way. They moved the conference to handle more people and increased the price and introduced a (only slightly) cheaper "simulcast" conference and added additional events. And an awful lot of that is due to the publicity generated from the free TED talks." Have to admit they have a point. I had never heard of this conference until this year and it was all over the place.

Jessica Simpson Must Lose Weight Or The Wedding Is Off: I say she sheds a whole lot of weight and dumps the jerk. Her fiancee is apparently very active and big into fitness. Its one thing to want to marry someone with similar tastes and lifestyles but ultimatums are a bad sign. Especially when they haven't even gotten married yet. I think I can safely say that no partner is worth your body image.


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