Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 39

Its the end of the week you know how we do things around here. Let's do it.

Hello, I'm Fat: It would seem that Lindy West has found it necessary to take Dan Savage to task on his fat hatred. You should listen Mr. Savage. And ensure that West does not have to have that conversation again.

30 Creative and Funny Egg Photography: These are just too awesome.

Get your Mario on.

How To Debunk A Fact-Free Fox News Fearmongering Piece About New Video Game: Its amazing how it seems that people from all sides think that kids (but let's face it they mean mostly boys) are just oh so impressionable that they need the government to step in. Kudos to Mike on collecting those debunkings and kudos to the people that did the debunkings.

Leg Shaving Flow Chart: That's hilarious.

Why You Should Be Against "Male Studies": While I agree it should not be necessary I'm not so sure I'm willing to go so far as to say that I'm against it. But I'll give that blogger some kudos for coming up with some actual reasons rather than just pissing and moaning it and dismissing it as anti-feminist.

The Internet's Most Pointless Controversies: How Many Toes Does Yoda Have?: For when you've solved all the other debates and you have time to start working on the real stuff.

Okay I had to cut this one off short on a count of my main machine still being out of commission. Hopefully I'll be back up in the next day or so.

Take it easy!


Tim said...

First off Danny, Yodas feet are serious business. He has 3 ! Why can't these bigots see that ?!

No that I have taken care of the important stuff, lets open up a sidetrack.

I think the blogpost about 'male studies' is so wrong. I mean really wrong.
Truth be told I haven't given the idea about male (or any other gender) studies much thought so I can't say if there are reasons to be for or against it. But this blogpost tells us that 'Men solve problems' and that they are 'direct and to the point' and also 'practical'. This blogger also sees it fit to end this post with calling male studies 'beneath all real men and their standards everywhere'.

I mean come on, seriously ?

Danny said...

I didn't even notice but now that mention it it does seem that the writer there is invoking some of the very reasons that justify the idea of Male Studies.

Like I say. It should not be necessary but hell in an ideal world there would be no need for Women's Studies but I don't see too many people up in arms about the existence of that though. (For the record I also think that that shouldn't be necessary but can see where it is.)