Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 38

So how is it hanging people? Got anything interesting to share?

Why I Am a Pro-Feminist Man: While not enough to get me to magically forget and forgive all the times I've been burned by feminists and their dirty tricks (and I'm pretty sure that wasn't his point so oh well) and I don't fully agree with everything he says here I can see that Richard's heart seems to be in the right place on his feminist identity.

Black men steamed by Brooklyn nun Mary Turcotte's fake rape claim: My money says that the only outrage people will talk about is the race angle. Why do I say that? Because it seems that men are only a class when there's responsibility for bad behavior to pass around. Other than that we are individuals. I'm just glad people don't ask me why I don't line up with any of the various sides in the human rights debate. If you think that this is only bad because of race then you have my answer. Well if you think its only because of gender then you also have my answer. And if you one of those people that insist that the only people harmed by false rape accusations are women who raped then you definitely have my answer.

Fat People Art Week: If only I had some artistic skill...

The FBI Says Men Can’t Be Raped: So you see its not just the man-haters that think men can't be raped....or does thinking can't be raped make on a man-hater?

The music dies for once popular 'Guitar Hero' video game: It would seem that the makers have decided that the Guitar Hero is no longer a viable cash cow. Eh I like Rock Band better anyway.

Egypt Unrest Creates Scam Attempts: As always when there is a real emergency there are vultures waiting in the wind to swoop in and score some cash for their own pockets by exploiting the charity of people who really want to help.

What Does Being a Man Mean to You?: Don’t get me wrong – I like penises. They can be highly entertaining, sometimes cute, and tend to look good in designer briefs (often better than they do without them). But to base an identity on something so undependable and unpredictable is a huge psychological risk.

Next week.