Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 37

Well I've (mostly) held to my intention to not get involved with gender this week but that pretty much means things have passed by that I didn't post on. This is about as good a place as any to bring them up.

The Awkwardness Of Cutting Out The Middleman: " Amanda narrows it down to a key point: it sometimes feels awkward to deal with money directly. Money is often a taboo subject, where people like to skirt around actual dollars. I see this all the time in business meetings, when discussing various deals. Everyone always like to dance around the key issue -- the money -- for as long as possible, and always seems to hope it's the "other guy" who brings it up or (even better!) some third party steps in and handles the transactional part."

Is an Astroturf Operation?: I just started reading these folks in the last week or so so I'll be interested in hearing what Daran finds out about them.

New Site: My buddy April has decided to move over here to Blogger. I believe she already has it up and running but she's seems to still be in the process of moving posts over.

You're Not Helping v4:"Figleaf may object to the criticism, yet feminists positioned themselves as the gatekeepers to sexual violence advocacy. For feminists not to discuss sexual violence against males or treat it as some anomaly unworthy of attention contradicts their claim about wanting to stop all sexual violence. That makes figleaf’s post all the more ironic." I love it when he knocks it out of the park so well.

NY Mag’s “He’s Just Not That Into Anyone” – New Scare Trend On Male Porn Use: I've only skimmed that one. Will have to take a closer look later.

That's all for now folks. See ya next week.