Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project PC Status: Suspended (For Now...)

Things did not go so well with building my new pc (as far as I can tell all the hardware is on point but the OS wasn't). I get paid tomorrow and at that point I'm doing the one thing I was trying to hold off on until a few months down the road, buy a copy of Windows 7. But in the meantime my main pc has been down for too long. There's too much going on so I had to come back.

As they say in the rap videos, "Its on."


Eagle33 said...

Danny, is there something going on with

I can't seem to access it. Instead, I get this:

"Connection Failed:

Your request could not connect to the correct web server. This typically occurs as a result of a temporary outage or problem on our network. We can automatically detect most such problems and we are probably already working on it, so please wait a few minutes and then try your request again.

If this message persists for more than a few minutes, please contact the site operator so they can investigate. If you are the site operator, please log in to our member interface to check for system problems before reporting this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will do whatever it takes to get the site back online as soon as possible."

What the hell? What's with the "Alias" on the end?

Is gone for good? :(

Danny said...

Odd indeed. I was just reading Feminists Critics just a few hours ago. But now when I try to go to it it just sits there loading, no errors or anything. When I try the link you give with that .alias I get a generic page from my ISP.

I hope all is well over there.

Tamen said...

FWIW, Feminist Critics works fine for me. I should note that I am situated in Europe though. Perhaps it was the bi-annual ritual of Daran forgetting to renew the domain registration :)

Danny said...

Yeah it looks fine now. I think Daran's bi-annual tradition doesn't come back around til about June (the other being about Nov.).