Thursday, February 17, 2011


Meet Hakan, one of the new additions to the Street Fighter world introduced in Super Street Fighter 4 (and listen to his theme music, its actually pretty cool).

Hakan is Turkish businessman who specializes in oil. In fact he even incorporates oil in his fighting style as a practitioner of Yağlı güreş, type of wrestling based around making one's body slick with oil.

Maybe its because of my sexuality but I somehow managed to miss something.

You see with a style like that people like to make gay jokes about him. Take a look at these moves he can perform.

Pretty serious homophobia inducing action there right? Well it would induce homophobia if you had a problem with two men touch in any manner that might be thought of sexual (no matter how far the stretch, remember its a fight) and/or have a problem with two men touching in an actual sexual manner. But don't worry Capcom thought ahead and made sure to work him up in a manner that would make it abundantly clear that our Turkish challenger is not gay.

Go back up to the top and look at the clip with his theme music. Go ahead I'll wait....

Okay did you notice the seven girls and grown woman with him in the picture? Yeah they are his wife and daughters. A wife sure but on the real SEVEN daughters? I guess they decided on no sons because then that would mean that another guy would grow up to be a gay oily wrestler right? And besides that did they really think it would take seven daughters to make sure we all know he's straight? Just for clarification about the only other characters I can think of in all of Street Fighter who have kids are Guile, Ken, and Crimson Viper and the only one's I can think of who have spouses are Guile and Ken.

I think they tried just a little too hard. I mean goodness would it really hurt to have a character in a game that didn't where heterosexuality on their sleeve? Its not like an actual gay fighting (or any genre for that matter) character would be so bad. But in an ideal world there would be no "need" to try at all right?