Saturday, February 26, 2011

Did they miss something?

I missed the original run of The Tudors on a count of not having the channel it aired on. Well a few weeks ago reruns started playing on BBC America and took up the chance to finally getting around to watching it (I'm a bit of a fan of historical dramas like that). Well I got to about episode 5 when something hit me. I'm pretty sure Henry VIII was not that small of a man.


On the left is a portrait of Henry VIII and on the right is a photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers who played Henry VIII on the show. See the difference? Now I know that Henry VIII actually went through a period of significant weight gain in the later part of his life. What I'm wondering is (and remember I haven't seen the entire series yet so I may be wrong here) will they actually incorporate that in later episodes. With the way fat is portrayed on tv these days I would not be surprised if it doesn't come up.

But I can be hopeful right?


womanistmusings said...

He was a very muscular man in his youth. I think that painting was an artist rendering of what he looked like when he was young because it was done at the end of his life. Also if you look at what he is wearing you can tell it large and puffy to make the king look imposing.

I hope you enjoy the series. I absolutely loved it and the acting is wonderful. I hope that they take on the life of another monarch in a similar fashion. I think we gravitate to Henry because of his eight wives and the violence he inflicted on all but one of them.

Danny said...

How goes it Renee?

I'm sure I'll enjoy the series and fully intend to see it through and in fact the only reason I brought this up is because I highly doubt he donned a fat suit for the later years (because if he had I'm betting those pics would have been all over the place by now).

I hope that they take on the life of another monarch in a similar fashion.
Speaking of. I went digging through my old Weekly Mashup posts for something I put up a while ago about this. A while back there were rumors going around that some of the people that worked on Mad Men and Rome were cooking up a show set during the reign of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. But I haven't seen anything on it since (here's another link I dug up that may be about the same project). Fingers are crossed.

Danny said...

Ooops. (

Here's the second link I forgot to put in.

Toysoldier said...

Meyers never dons a fat suit or puts on any more weight. If anything, he gets more fit throughout the series. However, since the series takes tons of creative license with historical facts, that Henry does not gain any weight kind of falls to the wayside.

Danny said...

I figured as much. But like I say I plan on watching it out because its an interesting if not accurate (its TV, who expects accuracy anymore?).