Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I wonder...

(I'm gonna be talking about The Holocaust in this post and talking specifically about Hilter. Tread accordingly.)

Epic Rap Battle 2: Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler

I've spent a lot of time watching this video in the last week or so (there's five altogether in the series so far) and I got to wondering something.

If you know anything about Vader and Hitler you that they are two of the most genocidal, homicidal, and outright evil people you can think of.

Vader, after betraying the defender of justice who counted him as one their own, went on a rampage of darkness that lasted about 30 years under the leadership of Emperor Palpatine. During this time millions were killed and enslaved, whole planets stripped of resources and left barren, and most of the galaxy was a very dark place.

Hitler, after rising to power, reigned terror over Europe for years and was a viable threat to the rest of the world. During World War 2 the Nazis under his command were responsible for the deaths of millions of Jewish people and the scarring of the lives of (I'll bet literally) countless others.

As you can see both men have racked up pretty impressive, oppressive, and frightening rap sheets.

So why is it that while Hitler is (for the most part) properly held up for what he was responsible for while Vader is regarded as one of the coolest fictional characters of all time?

Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to start some anti-Star Wars beef or anything like that. I'm just wondering about what it is that causes people in our society to glorify and praise extreme violence like that.

What do you think?

(And for the record Vader go owned in that battle.)


Tamen said...

Well, the immediate thing that springs to mind is the obvious fact that Darth Vader and his victims are fictional characters while Hitler and the victims of WWII are not. Many of us probably have grandparents alive who were directly or indirectly affected by WWII.

Danny said...

Its certainly true that no one has horror stories about the reign of the Galactic Empire. I just wonder about that one difference being enough to scorn one and hail the other. But just a small though.