Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Getting back on and riding again....

(Let me start by giving thanks to the kind and reassuring words I received during my time of need last week. They helped. A lot.)

Okay if you recall recently I decided that just had to take a break from blogging about gender here. At first I thought it was really freeing until I realized that like time gender (and the issues associated with it) march on. That goes for person things like still having to put up with sexist remarks and on the bigger picture like the sexism that men as a whole have to put up with.

Thing is I was getting dangerously close to getting back to where I was only about 3 years ago thinking that as a man no one really gave a shit about me. And while I think that's still true in a lot of places I was also about to give in to simply writing off the slightest hint of anything that perceived as anti-male hatred as bullshit and tell people to take a long walk off a short pier.

But then I remembered that that's not the way.

There are already too many people in this world that walk around all day everyday thinking, well more like "knowing", that the life of a man is a cake walk (or that they already know what all the problems are and therefore don't need to hear from people who actually live it). If I were to just start blindly writing people off in blind rage I would pretty much play into their hands. I can't let that happen. So while I can't promise that I'll never burn out and take a break again (because frankly the poison is still there, and I have no idea what the antidote is) I can say that while the playing fields we deal with today are not even I'll continue to do my part in trying to balance them.

Its important to a lot of people to get off the horse and take the occasional break. But for the time being we still have a lot of travelling to do before we get to the promised land where people are free to live their lives the way they see fit rather than trying to conform to what society tells they should based on certain characteristics.

So yes. I'm back and I'm ready to get going again.

First order of business is some ads that started playing a few days ago....