Sunday, February 13, 2011

Damn. There's that day coming again.

Monday is Valentine's Day. Whoopty Fucking Doo.

You know between men fretting over what to get for the women in their lives (and being treated like fools that deserve punishment for getting the wrong gift, much like Christmas), women have pissing matches over who got the nicest gift delivered to them at work (and being treated like magical sex altars whose legs part upon presentation of the right gift), and the capitalist overlords that reel in laughter at the whole exchange I refuse to have anything to do with it.

Just let me know when its Feb. 15 an all the candy goes on clearance. That's about the only thing worthwhile about the whole day.


Sonja Newcombe said...

As you know, I'm married. I never expect anything, and have only once received anything.

Yesterday, at work, I was asked what hubby was getting me. I said "nothing". The reply?

"Can I slap him for you?"

Elly said...

Hi Danny
Valentines Day Is Over!
Nice to 'meet' you over at Clarisse's blog.
Hope to chat again I will leave some links here later on masculinities.


Endless Summer said...

And next year, remember there's the alternative of Horny Werewolf Day (thank you Warren Ellis)

elementary_watson said...

It's February 15th. Candy goes on clearance. Enjoy.

Yesterday was the first Valentine Day I've been single for 8 years. It felt good not having to worry about gifts etc.

Danny said...

Here's one from the other day I heard.

(B) My boss: Well its time for me to go home.

(W) Woman from another department: So what are you getting your wife tonight? Roses?

(B): No.

(W): Candy?

(B): No.

(W): Dinner?

(B): No.

(W): Oh my goodness. I'm gonna have to train you better.

Yeah if men don't get the right gifts for the women in their lives its due to a lack of training. >:o

Danny said...

Thanks for dropping by Elly.

Yes it is over and thank goodness because that means the discount candy is available!

Thanks in advance for the links. If you want you can take a look through some of my gender posts (I talk about all kinds of stuff here) that I've done here.

Feel free to poke around and comment.

Danny said...

Eh, I'm more bear than wolf.

Danny said...

Ha ha yes the price on leftover candy is nice. Oddly I've never been through a Valentine's Day with a partner.

Elly said...

Hi Danny- the main writer I want to recommend at the moment is Mark Simpson.

I saw on Clarisse's blog you mentioned about 'scripts' and whether or not men are 'sexually free'.
Mark is gay and his perspective reflects that but he is an expert in masculinities and as soon as you stop assuming all men are hetero-predators you realise men are not free sexually at all. And even if they were all hetero they are still pretty restricted/pressured.

Danny said...

Thanks for the link I'll have to check him out.

Debbie said...

Bleh, I never understood the concept that only men by their SO parents always exchanged gifts and this Valentines day I got flowers and gave my DH candy, but is really not a big deal to us either! *grumbles about sexist diamond and chocolate commercials*