Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Weekly Menu Feb. 1

I like burritos. I don't like going through the effort of having to build them one topping at a time. So I ask myself,

"But Danny how else can we make a burrito if we don't pile on the toppings one at time?"

"Simple Danny. We put as many of the the toppings together ahead of time as we can. That way we don't waste time during our lunch building it. By the time we're done all we have to do is warm up the mix, put it on the wrap, add cheese and spinach, and go."

"Wow Danny that's not a bad idea."

"I know Danny. I know."

Premixed Burrito

1.5 pounds of ground round (of course you can use whatever meat you want or even no meat if that's how you rool).

1 can of dice tomatoes with no salt added - I prefer the ones that are no salt added (it will actually say "no salt added" on the can) because that leaves me to season it the way I want without the extra sodium.

1 can of reduced sodium black beans - I couldn't find these with no salt added but reduced sodium is close enough.

1 can of sliced mushrooms

1 jar of salsa (I use medium level) - I don't know how to make my own salsa so I went store bought. (I may have to try that one one day...)

Sea Salt, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Cayenne Pepper, Black Pepper, and Crushed Red Pepper to season the meat* with.

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Fresh Spinach

(The cheese and the spinach aren't going in the mix. But by the time you finish this they will be the only toppings that you will have to add when it comes time to make the burrito.)

Brown your meat on the stovetop in a skillet. Once you have drained off the fat/grease (* - because if you season it first you will lose seasoning when you drain off the fat/grease) season it. Add in the black beans, mushrooms, and diced tomatoes making sure to drain off as much of the water from each as you can. Remember we're trying to make the mix for a burrito and so if there is too much water it will leave you with a soggy (and probably torn) burrito. After you add those in drain off as much water as you can (I used a cup and tilted the pan to one side to catch the water and toss it out). Add about 1/2 the jar of salsa. Mix well and its done.

"Not bad Danny. But there's one small problem we ran into today when we did it."

"Oh the spinach yeah it turns out spinach leaves are a bit hard to work with when trying to fit them into a wrap. But I bet you've already fixed that right?"

"Why yes Danny I have. All we have to do is cook the spinach . That way it shrivels up and doesn't take as much room up on the wrap."

"Oooo I love it when you have such great ideas Danny."

"I know you do Danny. I know you do."

See you folks later!


elementary_watson said...

In the end, there is definitely a *lot* of unresolved sexual tension going on there ... ;-)

Someday I will post my kick-ass recipes somewhere, and you'll be the first to know :)

Danny said...

I think you lost me there EW. I'm not sure what you mean by sexual tension. (I'm not being sarcastic I really don't know what you mean here.)

elementary_watson said...

Well, the two Danny's seem to have quite a thing going for each other in the end; but maybe that's just me reading too much into it ...

Danny said...

I think so EW. That's just me being silly. Trying to break the recent tension around here.