Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Menu Extra Stage!!!!!!

I still don't know what to call this stuff. You see I needed something to go with some baked fish I made (baked it in the oven with cayenne pepper, ginger, sea salt, and a little bit of butter). In the end I did something like this.

1 bag of fresh spinach

1/2 box of whole wheat rotini

1 can of diced tomatoes

1 can of mushrooms

sea salt

black pepper




Boil the rotini according to the directions and set aside. Next in a hot skillet with some olive oil heat up the diced tomatoes. I thankfully did these alone because they had a lot of water in them which I drained off as they heated up (I'm betting there would have been less water if I had used a fresh tomato and diced it myself). Once you've drained off the water toss in the spinach. Notice how the spinach draws up. Next toss in the mushrooms and mixed it all together. Add in the rotini. Toss it all together and add in the seasonings. Remove from heat.

It tastes good but I have no earthly clue what the hell to call it.

Any ideas? Enjoy.