Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weekly Menu Extra Stage!!!!!

Remember a while back I made that sauce that I thought was close to Heinz 57? I was planning on making that sauce again but then I asked myself why do that when I can make up another?

If you recall I linked to a recipe for homemade ketchup. Well I thought to myself that if someone can use tomato paste for homemade ketchup why not do the same for BBQ sauce since most BBQ sauces involve ketchup?

This is going to make a lot of BBQ sauce so don't be scared to decrease the ingredients.

2 - 29oz. cans of tomato sauce.

32 oz. bag of dark brown sugar

1/4 cup yellow mustard - Any brand will do since you're just using enough to add a bit of tangy to it.

About 4tbsp. of ground ginger - I know that sounds like a lot but honestly I wished I had used more, or perhaps better quality ground ginger.

2 tbsp. of Cayenne pepper

I mixed all of this up in my crock pop and let it go on high for about 2 hours. While the sugar is certainly a bad thing here my goal here was to cut on all the preservatives that are in the store bought ketchups that are usually put in homemade sauces. The next time I do this (or any other BBQ sauce) I'll make sure to check the sugar.

I've got one more to share (but I have no earthly idea what to call it).