Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 35

Pretty hectic week people. But here are the goods.

Artistic License: DC Blows It With 'Young Justice': Jill Rayburn of Airlock Alpha on her opinion of what direction the new Cartoon Network series should have taken with the origins of some of the characters.

Bob never got consent.: "According to the sexual ethics of Jaclyn Friedman, Hugo Schwyzer, other many other feminists, what Bob did was coercive and unethical. Yet Bob is forgiven because he was able to sexually arouse his partner. Bob stuck to his guns in the face of his partner’s obvious discomfort with what he was doing, and yet his pushiness and sexual entitlement goes unnoticed and unmentioned in the breathless prose of the vignette because he successfully pulled it off."

'Black Panther' movie in development: It would seem that Marvel is really getting to business and not just limiting their big screen love to the mega stars (like X-Men and Spiderman). Check out the comments for some pretty interesting opinions for who would take on the mantle of the Black Panther. But more importantly I really hope they don't make this movie so shiny that they ignore the plights of what is going on in Africa these days.

Gender and Support Systems: "These discussions can veer into the realm of gender essentialism and stereotypes pretty quickly, but I'm feeling bold today. Let's talk about it anyway. Eric Vanderhoff replied to Jess, "Men are culturally expected not to need it and much less apt to seek or receive it." And Socioprof added, "Men in general tend to have less social support than women. This is across race and increases with age.""

How Facebook Used White Space To Crush Myspace: A reminder that being at the top of the mountain doesn't mean you've won and can rest on your laurels.

'Being Human' Cast on Nudity, 'No Touching' and Keeping Secrets: TVSquad sits down for a Q&A session with the three lead characters of the North American version of the British series 'Being Human'. The series is airing in the US on the SyFy Channel Monday nights at 9pm EST.

The next Olympic sport?

Dr. Phil and His Viewers Don’t See Eye to Eye on Women’s Domestic Violence Against Men.: It looks like Dr. Phil needs to take his advice and stop trying to silence male victims of violence.

Boards of Canada - Macquarie Ridge

Alright folks see you next week!