Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 34

You've probably noticed the slow down in posting around here. The reason for that is that due to the changes I'm making this year I'm left with not much time to sit around blogging. But don't worry I'll still try to keep the Weekly Mashups going.

Local Teen Creates LGBT Anti-Bullying Self-Defense Seminar: Bushido Judo School at North Duke Crossing 3600 North Duke St. Suite #102
Durham, NC from 2:00pm - 4:00pm. Sunday, January 23rd.

A Dose of Stupid v42: It would seem that it wasn't the mind and choice of a single man that led to the violence and death at Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s meeting last weekend. No it was masculinity itself that caused it to happen apparently.

Community Is About Enabling People To Be Heard; And You Need Community To Succeed Online: The importance of community when trying to be successful online.

(Courtesy of Food Politics. Its not perfect but its got some useful information. You can click on it to enlarge it for better viewing.)

BBC’s ‘The Last Refuge’ Gives Information about Male Victims of DV: "Perhaps the most important point is that the family dynamics that lead to domestic violence are much the same whether the perpetrator is male, female or both. Like the fictional situation portrayed in “Believe Me,” the men in “The Last Refuge” describe female partners who begin with small criticisms and controlling behaviors and, as the relationship gets better established, become less and less tolerant of behavior most of us see as appropriate."

Woman seduces teen boys, gets probation, and her attorney pooh-poohs what happened as a 'rite of passage': "The district attorney, Ms. Ditka, refuted Mr. Thomassey's enlightened comments: "When it's a woman offender on a boy, it's an atta boy. When it's a man offender on a girl, it's the horror of all horrors. I don't see a difference. These are impressionable children."

A Seriously Sick Attitude About Men: Amy Alkon on the very common but misguided and frankly misandrist belief that male = sex offender.

Men Are People Too: The radical notion that men are people.

From Rap Music to Rap Sheet: (from link at edweek) "Let me get this straight. If I score 18 points in the second quarter or get shot six times, there's no question of my authenticity? But it's these culturally reinforced stereotypes that are literally killing our black boys." This is definitely something that needs to be addressed.

Are you going to buy the Verizon iPhone?

Found this in the comment section of Renee's. Enjoy.

Alright people, til next time.