Saturday, January 1, 2011

Weekly Mashup Stage 32

Alright people I'm sure you're doing a lot of blog reading instead of going out to party or spent time with loved ones right? Riiiiight? Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
Well just in case you didn't go out last night (I did!!!) or if you are recovered enough to start reading blogs this morning here's what I've come across this week.

Protecting Kids: Rethinking the Hague Convention: Apparently when a Convention is broken more often by women it means that the Convention is faulty. Fro tip to Fathers and Families.

Things I Would Like To Not Care About: "Some of these, like how employers perceive fat applicants or how medical professionals’ biases harm fat patients, do affect my life in very real ways. I can advocate for myself, I can overdress to seem “more professional than thou”, but all I can do is the best I can."

Nicole Kidman Helps Show Positive Side of Non-Custodial Motherhood: "For Kidman and the other mothers mentioned, not having the kids around 24/7 means you have the freedom to pursue other endeavors. That suggests that women can move away from seeing themselves in strictly maternal terms, from measuring themselves by only a maternal yardstick."

Deep snow. Really deep snow.: As soon as New York gets some shit like this then I'll be more understanding of the FUCKING constant coverage of every snow flake that falls in that damn state.

Adfail, For Men: Looks like I'm not the only one that sees how advertising has pretty much decided to shit all over men while expecting us to buy their products.

Anger: A reminder that anger is not just a tool of the darkside. When properly utilized it can be quite useful in getting things in motion.

Girl gang's grip on London underworld revealed: An article on the little known history of women's participation in the dark underbelly of London.

In reforming schools, quality of teaching often overlooked: One of the California's poorest performing schools is starting to see results after looking at something many school reform efforts don't - Teachers. Tip of the Fro to Why Boys Fail.

Michigan Supreme Court: Dad’s Rights Terminated but He Still Must Pay Support: And people have the fucking nerve to get mad when men say they are treated like walking wallets.

Verizon may only net Apple 2.5 million more iPhone sales: I'll be that total would have been a hell of lot more if Apple hadn't have been such jerks and stayed AT&T exclusive for so damn long. Hell one of the reasons I got the Samsung Fascinate was because I got tired of waiting for either AT&T to realize that there would be profit in operating in my area or for Apple to get on the ball with Verizon. So Apple can now kiss my ass until at least 2012 when my current contract runs out.

"BofA Tries To Foreclose On Home Despite Not A Single Missed Payment Honestly I hope this couple sues the holy hell out of Bank of America and it gets renamed Bank of ______ and ______. And you can best believe if this were the other way around and this couple had done something like that to Bank of America they would staring at massive fines and hard time in prison.

Chinese Scientists Invent Electro-Abs For Women's Chests: I'm really not sure what to make of this. But I have to admit I really like the music playing during the ad.

Man fuck yo camera!

Happy New Year to all!!!!!!


Sonja Newcombe said...

A little off-topic (sorry!), but I don't get the outcry over IGN's Girl Gamer thingy.

A lot of it is VERY geeky, some of it really NOT (just because a controller is pink does NOT mean a female is going to want it!), but on the whole, most geek women would love those. In fact, I'd love the Blue Sun shirt (I'm a big Firefly fan) probably #1 on my list.

Can't say I've done proper gaming in a while, but I'm DEFINITELY a geek.

Danny said...

What gamer girl thingy? I don't visit IGN so I'm not sure what happened.