Saturday, January 15, 2011

Random Challenge: Poetry

One of the things I told myself I will do this year is to try out things that I've either never done before, are rather challenging, or have not had much luck with in the past. This time I want to take on poetry.

If you know me you know that I am the last person you would call poetic. For some reason I just didn't get that creative part of the Scorpio sign (I don't care what that new alignment says, I'm a Scorpio dammit). Well I've decided to give it a shot. Here goes.

Crimson Kiss

Returning home at twilight, wasting away in the night
I long for your crimson kiss

Lulled into Falling by Julee Cruise, my angelic muse
I long for your crimson kiss

Bottle to glass, watching the sweet redness pass
I long for your crimson kiss

Tilting back to sip, parting top and bottom lip
I long for your crimson kiss

Merging with my body and soul, making me feel whole
I long for your crimson kiss

With consciousness waning, and slumber gaining
I long for your crimson kiss

What do you think? Not an epic work worthy of reprinting 100 years from now but not bad for being buzzed on pomegranate wine while listing to the Twin Peaks soundtrack if I say so myself.

I'll have to try this more often, it was fun coming up with that.