Saturday, January 22, 2011

Phototherapy. Why can't I do that?

As you may have recently heard I am not a fan of having my picture taken. And I aim to do something about it.

I think Ellen Fisher Turk just gave me a good idea. From her main page:
I use image-still or video to help women see past who they think they are. I photograph women who suffer from negative body image brought on by rape, incest, eating disorders, cancer or just plain life.

This is an invitation to participate in a process that will completely change how you view yourself.

I'm not a skilled photographer mind you but I don't see why I can't do that for myself. So I've started a bit of an experiment in hopes that it will help me overcome my hated of having my picture taken.

Starting earlier this week when I come home from work I pull out my digital camera and I take a few pictures of myself. Nothing fancy just a simple pose in what I wore to work that day (three button polo and basic dress slacks). I usually take about 3-5 pictures. So far I think it is helping me overcome the fear.

Who knows maybe one day I'll get bold enough to not only be able to take a picture without being disgusted but I might even get bold enough to actually post pictures of myself on a regular basis.

This should be a grand experience.


Sonja Newcombe said...

I hope you do overcome it, Danny. Like you, my best friend hated having pictures taken of her. She, however, was anorexic. She died last week as a result of alcoholism, which I think stemmed from her anorexia and depression. The only picture I have of her was one posted by her fiancee on his Facebook page.

Please, keep up what you're doing, and try to love yourself a little in spite of what others think. Having read your posts, I think you're a pretty great person, and I've never seen you.

Danny said...

Sorry to hear what happened to your friend Sonja and thanks for the kind words.