Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well now what do we have here? It would seem that someone has started a tumblr page by the name of Microaggressions dedicated to those exact moments in our everyday lives when we are reminded that one (or many) of our characteristics is cause to tease, harass, humiliate, silence, and otherwise badmout us.

So when you read these comments you're not just getting the reaction that someone had to a particular comment with the comment itself somewhere. No you are getting a zoom lens in on the comment itself so you can see exactly what it was that hurt the person posting.

Such as when guys are written off as gay when they don't fit some ideal script of what a real man is supposed to be.

Or when basically told that your race and gender mean you are unreliable. (I hope that guy was in a position to walk out on that interview.)

Or when people think you have to be a certain gender in order to be into certain movies.

I wish the brains behind that place luck.