Thursday, December 9, 2010

What if Assange was a citizen of a foreign nation?

As most people who pay attention to American politics know, American politicians can be quite hypocritical. They say one thing while doing another while promising something else.

These days one of the biggest stories going on is the story of WikiLeaks. The now infamous site has built a name for itself by releasing information that some would rather remain secret. Well as you know Julian Assange has recently also been recently accused of raping two women in addition to the dustups that have resulted from the information that has gone to the public thanks to the efforts of he and crew behind WikiLeaks. And in all this I think Mike Mansick of Techdirt makes a pretty valid observation.

If Assange were releasing information on the government of a different nation like say China would US politicians be so bent out of shape over it as they are right now? I get the feeling that not only would they not be going after him with such fervor but like Mike says they would be cheering for, propping him up like a hero, and may even try to keep him safe in the US a al WW2 defector style.

What do you think?

(I would like to keep this discussion on the topic of how American politicians would react to WikiLeaks. While I won't strike mention of them with extreme prejudice I so not want this thread to get stuck on what people think about the rape accusations or the leaked info itself. There are plenty of places to argue over the validity of those accusations, this isn't one of them. In fact you are welcome to do so here.)