Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 30

Sound off!

Air New Zealand Stands on its Sexist Policy: Paul Elam sends a letter of complaint to Air New Zealand about its policy of disallowing unaccompanied minors to sit next to men on their flights. Yeah that same sexist policy that those jerks at British Air got sued for. Oh and he also has the nonresponsive response they sent him.

Creating Flight Plans Online? Patented! Small Company Sued Out Of Business For Not Wanting To Pay $3.2 Million Per Month: You read that right. Someone was allowed to get a patent on creating flight planes online at a time when there was plenty of prior art. This patent thing is way out of hand.

Emphasizing Sports Over Academics Sets Up Black Boys to Lose: I remember being at college and being mad at athletes because they were getting a "free ride" while I had to have financial aid. After reading this (okay honestly I've thought it for a while but reading this just brought it to a head and made me want to say something) though I wonder about the quality of those "free rides" and the quality of the boys/men who get them.

Australia: Women Given License to kill and Gov to Jail Men at Will..: I don't live in Australia but I really hope its not that bad there. Although things like that do happen in America so...

Constable 'throw' passenger out of moving train: Here's some more of that misandry that supposedly does not exist.

Freak Angels: I've come across a web comic that looks interesting.

Probation Bias: "That is no surprise. Statistically, males face harsher sentences than females virtually across the board. It is particularly true with violent crimes. There is no rational reason for this. Many crimes involve a host of factors that may have caused a person to assault someone. Those factors are rarely unique to any one gender."

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Sonja Newcombe said...

Have a read of that from my local paper.

$3,000 vs hitting him senselessly with the meat tenderiser until she heard a crack and he fell to the floor and started to bleed profusely.

That wouldn't even be a drop in the ocean of his medical costs.