Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh yes racism is still alive and well

So while I'm surfing for news today I come across this story.It would seem that the Logan Village Mall in Noblesville, Indiana was selling a variety of soaps that used racism imagery.

Okay I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt on something. My first impression was to wonder exactly what the images were. I'm sure for it to hit a news site it had to be at least somewhat offensive but I wanted to hold off on judgment. That is until a bit of digging and found actual images.

All doubt removed.

What really bothers me is the store manager's defense (From the first link):
"As far as I'm concerned, we're conducting a legal business and if these people are upset about it, they don't have to come in the store," Gary Dewester, a shopkeeper in the Logan Village Mall in Noblesville, told WTHR-TV in Indianapolis. "Again, if it didn't sell, we wouldn't have it in the store."
While I'm sure you would disagree with him he does make a point that needs to be addressed. If there weren't so many people who were either actively racist or complacent about it these products would get stopped dead in their tracks or hopefully never conceived of in the first place.

And to make it all the sadder the owners of the store, Gary and Kim Dewester, are attorneys. You would think that people who are officers of the court, people would would be brought in to stop such material, would not sell such products.