Friday, December 17, 2010

Danny's Corner: Mobile Style

I've been messing around with QR Code tonight (What is QR Code you ask?) and I whipped up one for a mobile version Danny's Corner. The mobile version of the site is slimmed down to (as far as I can tell) nothing but the posts themselves and nothing more to prevent slowdown while viewing on your mobile device.


Now here's how you use it. More than likely if you own some sort of smart phone you have a barcode scanner application on it. More than likely that application can read these codes. Simply open up your barcode scanning app and let it scan that image above. If successful you will get a scan of the image telling you there is a URL in it and your app should give you the option of going to that URL. Vola!


Try it again with this image and see where it takes you.

As I said the mobile version actually loads faster and it works on laptops and desktops as well so if you just want to look at my posts and not waste load time on the blogrolls and other bells and whistles this might be worth checking out. And of course there the possibility to making QR code for your own site if you wanted.