Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekly Mashup Stage 75

Yes its been a while but let us not get hung up on that. 24+25+26 = 75. And as always you're welcome to share any interesting links of your own.

Message to the Tea Party - What took you so long to get angry?: I have to admit Alvin has a point there.

Map Directions WIN: And this is why you really need to pay attention when looking online for directions.

Photodonuts: I really need to start collecting all these photography blog links.

GERALDINE FERRARO: Hateful Language Has No Place In Campaigns: And she actually takes a moment to mention sexism against men.

Here I Stand, With Steam Coming Out of My Ears: Bored with deluge of steampunk that seems to be everywhere you look and think its more about look than substance? I think Yuki-Onna agrees with you. And I have to admit that I kinda agree as well.

Two steps forward, one step back: "Male victims still remain shrouded in silence, part of it self-imposed, part of it socially imposed, and part of it imposed by the very organizations who ought to help them. Breaking that silence takes effort, not just on the part of male victims being willing to speak, but on the part of people being willing to listen."

Mid-Week Motivation: I am NOT your Costume:
I am a human being.
I am not your Halloween costume.
I am not your party theme.
I am not your mascot.
I am not your costume.

I need a bit of help here. Does this mean to imply that apologies should only come from men and that women shouldn't have to apologize or what?

Lawsuit Settled After Cop Revealed Anonymous Blogger To His Church, Then Destroyed Records To 'Protect Civil Rights': "Once the blogger's name was revealed to Hinson, he revealed the blogger's name to church officials, closed down his "investigation" and (wow) destroyed the files related to the investigation. He claimed that the files were destroyed to "protect the civil rights" of the blogger -- which is pretty funny since the entire investigation appears to have been designed to violate the civil right of anonymity of the blogger."

Senator: FDA to ban caffeinated alcohol drinks: I'm just glad Four Loko hasn't been hyped up by the media as the latest date rape drug after what went down a few weeks ago at that party.

Why The Jammie Thomas Verdicts Return Such Huge Amounts Per Song Shared: It's All About The Framing: One example of the straight up ridiculous math that goes into awards for copyright infringement.

Take it easy folks!


elementary_watson said...

Regarding xkcd: As far as I see it, by taking the end of the diode, the flow of hurt feelings only went from the woman towards te man, but not in the other direction (because, you know, diode). I'm sure you cold make the point that this comic is misogynistic, implying women make sure that reproaches only flow from them to men, but never vice versa ...

Danny said...

That could be it EW but I honestly don't get it. I may make a full post about it in hopes of getting some feedback on it.